LGL Grant: Khot Debate Team

Good news! My community and I have begun fund raising for our Let Girls Learn grant project! If you remember previous posts about our Debate Team project (here and here)  you will know that my counterpart and I are training students in debate skills and we have been debating issues pertaining to gender equality that affect our community. We have talked about things like whether it’s easier to be a girl or a boy, whether or not women should be encouraged to play soccer, and if women should work. Both the girls and the boys have gotten a lot out of this project in it’s beginning stages: we are challenging the students to think about things outside of their comfort zones, form opinions about topics that are important to their lives, and try to see the opposite point of view from their own. While this is a project that could be done without money, we have started a fund raising process so we can buy things to make this club even better and more effective.

We first want to buy sound equipment so we can hold these debates in front of supportive family members and community members. This way, the students’ ideas might plant seeds for change in the community. 

We also want to buy a laptop for the school so my counterpart and I can teach the students how to research these debate topics and how find support for their opinions on the internet, and also so they can be exposed to new points of view through their research. 

We would also like to buy a video camera so we can track the students’ process during the debates. Lastly, we will buy English-language materials so the students can learn how to debate in both English and Armenian. 

This project will give the local girls and boys so many important skills for their lives: critical thinking, how to form opinions, how to use technology, how to do research, and so much more. The community has already contributed about $1000, the grant will give $2500, so that means we need to fundraise another $500 to meet our goals. If you can give anything to help my community educate our girls and boys on gender equality and critical thinking, please do! You can click this link to donate: 


By donating, you will be helping to promote gender equality in our rural, Armenian village, and be opening doors of opportunity to these wonderful, smart girls, by giving them the oppertunityto learn these important skills. Thank you ahead of time! 

Arevik’s team
Anna and Milena preparing their argument
Siranush and Ani discussing their points of view
One of our most active boys
11th form girls
The wonderful 8th grade girls
One of our leaders, Gayane


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